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Zoe, London


Meet Zoe,..

Zoe has had over 15 years experience in dance choreography and performance.

She has a rich variety of work behind her  from performing with many of the recent  X factor stars, Sky One’s “Got to Dance” and appearing alongside  Cheryl Cole in her ‘Fight for this Love’ music video.

Our guests love Zoe’s quirky style and her ability to fill anyone with confidence and laughter during their experience.

60 second interview

Hi Zoe, firstly, what would you say has been your career highlight so far?

Opening night of Flashdance the musical in the west end, The Olympics London 2012, Australia and UK Rock arena tours with Jesus Christ Superstar

Why do you think people should book a Go-experience?

Its a fun and enjoyable experience for a group to let go of there inhibitions, Learn a little and laugh a lot!

What inspired to pursue a career in dance?

I couldnt sit still as a child and always loved to watch Michael Jackson and Madonna's music videos at a young age, I remember watching a Pantomime and thinking I want to one of those children on stage! It looked so glamorous!

Do you have any hobbies outside of performing?

I am a big Gym go-er and I like to go to adult gymnastics.

Has there ever been a time when your nerves have got the better of you on stage?

As a child I froze and started crying because I could not remember my routine! Only once in my professional career on Live TV but luckily the camera was not on me at that point so no-one ever knew i made that mistake!

So what is it you like about teaching Go-dance and Go-popvideo events?

The atmosphere of how excited or sometime's apprehensive the group are to begin but by the end they are full of confidence and smiles and how impressive it is to see this transformation in such a short time.

What is your top tip for a group coming to do a Go-experience?

Be ready for a lot of FUN and Giggles. For one day live your alter ego to the max! Leave the room as the dancer or pop star you never knew you could be!

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