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Vision and Values

Deliver your key messages through one of our entertainment based formats. These workshops can really enhance employee engagement in your company’s vision.

They enable teams to get involved behind the scenes in entertainment production, while also bringing your company’s values to life, reinforcing key processes, and enhancing internal communication

From filmmakers to music makers…

Our experienced team will work with you to achieve your objectives, using one or more of our unique event formats:

Make a music video

Get your team involved in the set up and process of making a music video. We’ll let you loose behind the camera as well as being the stars in front of it.

Record a CD

Get involved behind the scenes of the music industry. You’ll work with our professional team to write the lyrics, produce the CD cover and prepare the launch of your track. Then sing it proud as you step into the studio to record and mix your song.

Film workshops

Work with our professional camera crew to deliver a short film with a strong message. From storyboarding, styling and scripting, to shooting and editing. Your team will be involved in the entire process. We can even show the films the same evening, and combine with your own Oscars ceremony or film review night.

Create a company jingle

Work with our professional song writer to deliver a short song with a personal company message. Showcase this at the end of year conference or as the the perfect subliminal advertising campaign.

Create a radio show

Get involved in the process of making and recording your own radio show. From jingles, news and chat, to adverts and special reports, everything has to be planned, rehearsed and produced in time to go live on air!

All workshops delivered by entertainment industry professionals:


Price on quotation, available nationwide, please get in touch for more details or to discuss your brief.

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