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We know what we do is pretty special, and that's why we've had the pleasure of being featured in a number of  publications and shows over the last year. Our pop video activity was billed as 'a next generation hen-do idea' in Look magazine, and we featured on the BBC's 'The Big Performance' in November with musical director Gareth Malone and choreographer Sisco Gomez.

Check out our Grazia feature of Lucie CaveEditor in Chief of Heat Magazine, see what she says below: 

BRIDE BOGGLES: When I Made My Own Music Video

The best thing about the hen do was that I knew nothing about what lay in store (even when everyone suddenly donned masks and blonde wigs and decided to have a photo shoot as me by the Thames)..…or where our London bus was headed next. And to be honest I didn't care because we were all too busy gyrating and singing into the on-board microphone. If only we'd had more time to perfect our technique… because all of a sudden we were delivered to a studio in the middle of Battersea, with a camera man filming our arrival. We were making a pop video! (albeit a very drunken one). Organised by the geniuses at Go-experience we were to record our very own version of LMFAO’s I'm sexy and I know it. And being the bride, I was given the role as lead and told to don Red Foo’s giant ginger Afro and hot pants...

So now we await the results of our pissed up pop video... there have been had a few messages from Go-experience telling me they’re mid edit and can’t wait to show us the finished product but I’m not convinced we’ll have Universal Records knocking on our doors just yet.

Heres what Lucie Cave had to say about it:

"Oh my God. Have just watched the #gopopvideo we made for my hen do from @goexperience. It's bonkers. And genius" 

Lucie Cave, Heat Magazine and Grazia Blogger, London Go-popvideo August 2014


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