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Meet Max,..

Max has a vast amount of experience that he brings to Go experience. He's been known to have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Jude Law and Sienna Miller but nothing seems to faze him and no event is too big or too small.

Max is a joy to have on our team, a true creative with an element of eccentricity which we love. He's bright and bubbly and always manages to come into the office when the biscuits are out!

The groups love his cheeky charm, energy and his ability to make you feel instantly comfortable on set.

60 second interview

Hi Max, can you tell me what has been your career highlight so far?

Obviously working for Go-experience! Apart from this I would have to say that it is working on the Harry Potters films (3rd, 4th and 5th ones). I was an all round technical guy, mainly doing the lighting elements. However it was always fun standing in for Harry and Ron when they were having their break. It was very exciting to be part of such a huge enterprise and an insightful look into the high end of the Hollywood machine. It also taught me crafts and skills for life which I bring to the popvideo shoots.

Why do you think people should book a Go-experience?

Because everyone secretly has their inner showbiz personality! Go-experience just brings it to the fore front and allows them to release their showbiz beast! Lol. Also its a great time to be had, and a fun experience to remember forever whilst being alongside showbiz professionals. Its fun, relaxed and I think you'll learn something from it.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the media and film industry?

Watching films, I was completely obsessed with them growing up. I would watch them over and over again, intrigued by how they did certain things. I wanted to know how things were done and my inquisitive and creative nature lead to the path I took.

Have you won any awards for your work?

I've had a few short films played at Cannes Film Festival but I guess my biggest award was for Best Director at The Portebello Film Festival. I made a 50 minute adaption film on Shakespeare's Richard III - a modernised version which I chose to film on an estate in Whitehawk. That's something I was particularly proud of in my career so far as it was taken someone else's idea and adding your own spin on it so to be awarded for it was a great feeling.

Favourite film director? Which film in particular?

There's so many! Stanley Kubrick is amazing, Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Shining' is brilliant but I guess my overall favourite is David Lynch - particular the film 'Blue Velvet'. He challenges the perception of reality and for me he is a truly inspirational director.

Have you worked with any famous people and if so, who?

Quite a few! I guess there are a couple that stand out though... I worked on 1 episode of the series ' Band of Brothers' and funnily enough it was the episode that Tom Hanks directed. He is a lovely, funny and very focused man - amazing. I can never forget though working on a film called 'Closer' either. Taking a break from filming Jude Law, Sienna Miller, myself and a few others are all crammed into Jude's trailer watching the Wimbledon final - I mean, how showbiz is that!?!

Do you have any hobbies in your spare time?

I don't have any spare time! Haha. When I'm not working I am being a husband and doting father to my 1 year old daughter - she is the best hobby I could ask for.

Has there ever been a time when you've had creative block?

Absolutely - you can't reel off ideas continuously, ever wise there would only be good ideas, never great ideas. Sometimes I get it with a go-popvideo by trying to change it up each time I do a particular song. By working with a great team and putting our heads together we always seem to outdo ourselves and the videos and ideas just get stronger every time.

So what is it you like about delivering the Go-popvideo events?

Every single one is unique. Yes we work to a particular formula in getting the shoot completed but the great thing is you will never know what type of customers are going to walk through the doors on any given shoot. It keeps me and my creativity on my toes! The customers bring so much to the shoot and each group is so different to each other - which I love!

What is your top tip for a group coming to do a Go-popvideo?

Relax and have a good time! Don't worry, don't try to hard and try not to be shy - all of this shows on screen. You could have the most professional dancer in the world but if there are trying too hard rather than having fun then they will look stiff, rigid and unhappy. Enjoy yourself and the rest of the video will fall smoothly into place.

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