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Hen weekend ideas and tips, how to organise a hen party


Now you have been appointed maid of honour, you may wonder what you have let yourself in for! You'll be helping with seating arrangements and invitations, cake-testing and of course being available for any assistance that is needed when it comes to ‘The Dress’. These are just some of your roles. As well as these tasks, you'll also have the responsibility of ensuring that the bride to be’s hen party is one never to be forgotten!

A hen weekend to remember

A hen party is up there with the most important days of a woman’s life. As the bride’s best friend you should be looking forward to all the fringe benefits that the role comes with. However along with a few other choice bridesmaids, you have also been charged with the responsibility of making key choices to organise the hen weekend.

With lots of hen party ideas out there; there really is lots of choice! Whether you choose cocktail making, or a weekend spa break, there are lots of possibilities. There are however a few things that you need to be take into account to make sure the hen do you organise is one that will be remembered for all the right reasons!



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Top hen party tips

Now, no matter what you choose to do, organisation is essential; the effort you put in at the planning stages is sure to pay off at the hen. There are a few choice things to consider when planning a hen: location, time, guest list and itinerary.

Location for your hen weekend

When thinking about the location for all your hen tomfoolery, you also need to consider budget; a location that is new and original, yet realistic! The bride probably has a few ideas of where she would like to go; shortlist these with a few popular ideas of your own. Be sure to think about travelling distance, nightlife, activities, availability and cost, when finalising the location.


The time you choose for the hen will inevitably be tied in with location and availability; as well as the date of The Big Day itself. If you are doing a weekend extravaganza; remember to think about the distance from people’s various locations to the venue. Of course, you want everyone ready and raring to go from the start of the hen, so think about the lag time between people clocking off from work and getting their glad rags on!

The guest list

Who are your inviting? It is likely that you already have a good idea of who the bride wants to attend, and who, for love nor money should not attend! No doubt your stress levels are already increasing with such a balancing act to perform. Just remember, getting the guest list right alone, can be the key to an incredible hen. With the people there, the fun will follow!

Hen weekend itinerary

What have you decided to do? You really do have your pick of the lot when it comes to activity choices; from a hen party dance, rum tasting, or you can even make a pop video. Just keep in mind budget, as well as the audience you are catering for. Chances are, if the guest list is predominantly made up of older friends and relatives, a sky-dive is off the menu!

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Keep everyone in the loop!

Now, you’ve put all this effort into creating a fun-packed weekend; don’t let it go to waste by forgetting to keep people in the loop! Ensure that everyone knows what is planned for when (unless it’s a surprise); this will help to ensure that party members don't go AWOL at crucial times! One final point to remember is the element of surprise…no matter how controlling the bride-to-be is, try to have a few tricks up your sleeve.  Whether it’s an extra guest she never thought could make it, or a secret activity, these surprises will really highlight the trouble you have gone to, to make the occasion extra special!

You've made it - the hen party!

Breathe a sigh of relief; you’ve put all the effort in at the planning stage to ensure that the hen party is a complete hit. Now, there are just a few things to remember to ensure that the execution of the weekend is perfect!

Although an obvious notion; be sure to make the bride feel oh so special; this celebration is all about her! When everyone first gets together, be sure to make a big fuss over her. Pop open the champagne and make a toast; mark the start of the hen, it's a great opportunity for everyone to come together, and for those in the party that don’t know each other to be introduced. This weekend is all about celebration and congratulation; be sure that everyone gets a chance to have a proper catch up with the bride; it will keep the momentum and excitement of the whole weekend going, as well as giving the bride lots of special moments to remember.

After the party

As the organiser you have done it! You’ve pulled off the ultimate hen party, and the bride to be is thrilled to bits. Now, apart from a few questionable pics from the weekend, which should only be shared amongst the hens, keep schtum! Not only is a good bridesmaid organised, helpful and supportive, but also, more importantly, a good bridesmaid never tells!

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