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halloween parties

Halloween parties and events

At Go, we see dead people!

There's no better way to celebrate Halloween than joining the legions of the undead and transforming in to a zombie, complete with gruesome make up and costumes, and learning the routine to Thriller.

Or maybe you'd rather get your fetish on and Do The Timewarp or even strap on some proton packs for the theme tune to Ghostbusters and make a pop video. Any excuse to get dark and freaky is good with us.

Who you gonna call?

Why not try recording your favourite Halloween song, and then make your own music video? Our professional make-up artists love nothing more than getting elbow-deep in entrails and blood and giving you a makeover to die for.

Whether you want to recreate the Monster Mash, click your fingers with The Addams Family, or worse still, dress up like the Backstreet Boys, we are here to quench your thirst for blood...


Pop Video experiences


Grab a ghoulish gang and make a music video.

Dance experiences


Shake, rattle and roll on a dance experience.

Recording experiences


Get your freak on and scare your friends, record a CD

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